Saturday, May 9, 2009

And so we begin?

Well, here we go. Time to maybe start a blog, post the occasional idea, maybe even get a little bit of feedback. So... first post!

So, this post will deal with something I should have dealt with 2 months ago - posting my GDC presentation from this March to the web somewhere that people can find it. So, here goes:

Hitting 60Hz in Unreal Engine

So, there we go. Two things done at once. First, established a blog - second, figured out how to embed a Powerpoint presentation inside said blog! Only problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to go about getting the linked video to work. Oh well, the pair of screenshots will have to do.

This should be a pretty close to final version of the presentation. It should match the presentation I gave other than maybe a couple minor corrections in wording, and the credit for Nate turning into a "thanks" in the final version.

I did get some comments afterwards about how it would have been nice to show more video/images showing a lot of this stuff in action. I'll see if I can scrounge stuff up at some point (although, the game's been on sale since early November 2008, so you can always just buy a copy. Heh).

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  1. Can you repost your video on the GDC website? It's great that I can get to the slides here but I would like to be able to watch the video and it's not working on the GDC website.